The firm is vastly experienced in all business matters related to the agricultural sectorand Kibbutzim. These services include counseling commercial enterprises owned by co-operative societies practicing in the traditional agricultural sector (field crops, cowshed partnerships etc.), advanced agricultural (biological pollination) as well as the services and industrial sectors. The firm provides its clients with comprehensive legal advice tailor made to the special needs of Kibbutzim-owned enterprises, specializing, inter alia, in the interface between business and community and the unique employment relationships of Kibbutz members working within their own Kibbutz, both in traditional Kibbutzim and in"renewed" ones. In addition, based on its extensive knowledge andexperience the firm handles investments in factories and other Kibbutzim-ownedventures, representing its clients vis-à-vis key investors from Israel andabroad.


The firm is well experienced in working vis-à-vis the different regulators relevant tocommercial activities of Kibbutzim, among them the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and its relevant Authority of Agricultural Land Use, Israel Land Administration, the Antitrust Commissioner and other regulators.


Furthermore, the firm has rich experience in representing Kibbutzim in renewable energy transactions (solar and cogeneration) and in organizing towards electric power distribution (Historic Power Distributor).


Among the firm's extensive services to the agricultural sector and Kibbutzim areestablishing and accompanying enterprises, including modern cooperatives,managing mergers and acquisitions, advising on restructuring and organizational changes, accompanying privatizations, establishing agricultural cooperatives, managing disputes with Israel Land Administration regarding the return of land, accompanying ventures of Kibbutz members and more. In addition, the firm is routinely engaged in registration of new cooperatives, amendments to articles of associations, advice on organizational structure, lien registration, mortgage bonds and transfer of liens, dissolutions of cooperatives and advice to different branches within cooperatives.


Furthermore, the firm handles changes in Kibbutzim's way of life, drafting, overseeing and obtaining the acceptance for procedures thereof. In addition, the firm adviseson allocations of Kibbutz assets and means of production, as well as on allocations of apartments from both the property and contractual perspectives, including bequeathing procedures, rents and sales.