Boyer Or & Co. boasts decades of unique experience in real estateand construction across Israel.



The firm accompanies private and corporate clients, as well as municipalities in the field of real estate and construction, utilizing its vast knowledge and ability to orchestrate creative solutions vis-à-vis public authorities, including all Planning and Zoning Committees.



The firm's services span all stages of complex real estate transactions, from preparations and due diligence, through the drafting of agreements (sale, lease, combination and management) and to the notifications to the authorities and registration of rights (including condominiums and standardization). The firm is also engaged in real estate matters pertaining to protected tenancy, apartments and businesses.

In this respect, the firm provides planning and zoning advice and representation, including on expropriations and proceedings vis-à-vis the relevant authorities.


A leading real estate law firm, Boyer Or & Co. is also engaged in non-legal activities, such as those of different NGOs and business entities. In this respect, the firm serves, inter alia, as founding member and legal counsel of the Israeli Green Building Council.


In addition, the firm offers comprehensive legal advice for asset owners on maximizing land rights, including dissolution of land partnerships. A great deal of suchs ervices relates to city plans, including initiation, promotion and authorization of plans, as well as to objections. The firm also handles National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38) projects, as well as combination transactions and agreements between contractors and advisors.


The firm's partners are vastly experienced in handling expropriations of land by municipalities, Israel Land Administration or other authorities (including Israel Railways and the Ministry of Defense). The firm's expertise spans both urban and rural areas, having accumulated vast experience in handling lands situated in cities and Kibbutzim alike.