Adv. Amalia Lev


Advocate Lev served until recently as Director of Administrative Affairs Department of the Jerusalem District Attorney (Civil). 

As director of the Department of Administrative Affairs, Attorney Lev practiced a wide range of administrative and civil issues. Among other things, she led the field of Immigration and Population at the Administration District Attorney's Office from its inception. As part of her Capacity she was a member of the Zamir Committee - the advisory committee to the Administrative Court and was a member of various professional forums.

Advocates Lev also practiced , in the early stages of her career in the Prosecutor's Office in the fields of criminal law and served as a prosecutor in criminal cases. 

Advocates Lev t represented the country in various legal forums in significant civil cases with fundamental importance and wide implications , as well as high-value financial civil cases bearing fundemental implications for Israel's economy. 

Advocates Lev was in charge of  class actions branch  and personal status matters at the district attorney's office.

In addition to her specialty in administrative law attorney branch  has extensive experience in handling complex economic civil cases.

Languages: Hebrew, English and French


  • LLB. Tel Aviv University.